2012 Brings New Focus For Theodore

After a tough 2011 which saw James sidelined for the majority of the season a decision had to be made to either pursue sponsorship for the 2012 season or to allow him to concentrate on his degree at Oxford Brookes University. After heavy thought it was decided that the logical thing to do would be to allow James to put his focus and attention into his MEng Motorsport Engineering degree, where he is currently in a pivotal 2nd year. To allow him to have the maximum chance to stay in touch with the racing world he used the break in racing as an opportunity to aquire his ARDS racing instructors licence.
On the 13th December 2011 James took part in an intense assessment day at Silverstone Circuit where he was assessed on not only his ability to drive but his character and professionalism in a corperate environment. He was pleased to receive confirmation a few days later that he had passed the assessment and now holds a National C ARDS Race Instructors licence. This licence allows James to work at Silverstone and other UK racing circuits as an instructor, but also recognises that he has the ability to coach drivers on a 1 to 1 basis or privately in groups. This allows James not only to expand his skill as a coach but to keep his driving sharp for any future racing opportunities that may arise.
James commented “I am really pleased to have passed the assessment day at Silverstone, it is by no means an easy thing to acquire an instructor’s licence and the day proved much tougher than I envisaged. Hopefully this opportunity will allow me to stay race sharp as well as using my skills to help others enjoy their motorsport. I am disappointed not to be racing this year after such a long career but I will stay focused incase of any openings along the line.”
James is available for driver coaching in anything from karts to single seaters and has vast experience over 12 years of racing. If anyone would like to contact him to enquire about driver coaching or anything else please do not hesitate to call on 07588 589125

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